Top 34 Office Renovation

This was an empty 150 square meter apartment located in Velden, Austria. The client wanted to turn the space into a private office. So I divided the space into three areas. Two independent office spaces and one communal conference room.  I left the bathrooms where they were so that the flat could be resold easily without any major reconstruction needed. The larger bathroom doubles as a small kitchenette to serve coffee and refreshments to the office users and guest. I sectioned off the central communal space with smoked glass and wood panelled sliding doors. This achieve a multi functionality of being able to transform the area into a closed room or to keep it as an open free space. I clad the two pillar sections with a very special floor to ceiling height tile that is ultra thin and even flexible if needed. This added an elegant yet industrial feel which I believe contrasted very well with the soft touches of finely polished woods and fabrics on the furniture.  The client was very pleased with the results. furthermore I have assisted the client in decoration the office space with several pieces of art and sculpture. Transforming the space yet again into an office/gallery.