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Palais Schottenring - Vienna - Austria

palais schottenring cover photo.jpg

This 180 square meter apartment is located in the heart of Vienna's first district know as the "Golden Triangle". The building is in one of the most beautiful prestigious Palais buildings in the city. Located opposite the old stock exchange and the Hotel Kampinsky.

The client wanted a three bedroom and three bathroom layout. For this size and layout of apartment it was a challenge to accommodate this set up, so we had to opt for only one on suit bathroom for the master suit to allow space for a corridor to connect the remaining rooms and bathrooms. The living room boasts a generous 80sqm with ceiling heights of up to 4 meters. The client is of middle eastern origin so I attempted to implement some oriental touches into the overall design concept. Melding the overall look with a classic but also contemporary Viennese style.

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