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Mountain Home in Austrian Alps

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landhaus nessmann 2_edited.jpg

This mountain residence was built in the 1950s. It was originally intended to be a family home, but after the owner passed away before construction was completed the family decided to convert it into a working home and ran it as a bed and breakfast for many years.

After the home was passed down through the generations the current owners decided to convert the house back into a family home. Much work needed to be done to the house as not much upkeep or restoration had been done since its construction and heavy use.

My job was to totally gut the interior of the building.. Tearing down many walls to create larger more modern spaces. It then progressed into renovating all the externals of the building as well in the subsequent years. The roof, swimming pool, terrace, balconies and driveway were all replaced and renovated as well as some major landscaping which involved an addition of 200 trucks filled with rocks and soil. After planting some beautiful new plants and trees to add the final touches the family was very happy to have their ancestral home restored to far beyond its former glory.

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